If you are an ordinary person like I am, life has thrown things at you that have caused hurts, habits and hang-ups, for better or for worse. My goal has been to find peace and truth, along with physical ease to be able to live my life fully, with passion and joy.


I, personally, encountered many adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) while growing up, including abuse.  These set my body up for illness, as I was emotionally unable to process these experiences.  Alcoholism, abuse and divorce in my family put me into a continual state of fight or flight and my body provided constant stress hormones to survive.  This, in turn, caused adult autoimmune issues, such as severe migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity.  I have searched for solutions all of my adult life and am now, in my 50’s, finding relief.


Over 30 years of migraine pain, I have been able to find my triggers — certain foods, chemicals and even certain weather conditions.  Chronic fatigue started 25 years ago, when our second child was born. That was a much harder disease to find a solution for.  In the past 4 or 5 years, I have become sensitive to and allergic to multiple chemicals, including fragrances, dyes and metals.  


Did you ever hear the song about the hip bone being connected to the thigh bone?  I thought you might have!   It is true.  Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said:  “All disease begins in the gut.”  Question:  Do you know where an estimated 70% of your immune system lives?  You’ve got it — in the gut!!   Back to me.  No matter where I go, I can’t seem to get away from me!   Producing too many stress hormones over a long period of time causes autoimmune issues.  Hmmmm.  Here we are looking at the gut again.  As I have found how to heal my gut, my health has improved.  I have less migraines, less fatigue, and I’m very hopeful those chemical sensitivities will diminish as I continue to heal.


There are more connections to be made.  When I was 16 years old I witnessed an aunt come out of an abusive relationship.  The fear and pain I saw on her face one day set the intention for my life.  I would find a way to help others find safety in their lives and heal from traumatic experiences, as I have been doing my whole adult life.  Would these same people have autoimmune issues?   Amazingly, I did not immediately make the connection to my traumatic childhood and my illnesses.


I studied Psychology at the state University, then settled down into marriage and raising our three children.  When our youngest was in school full time, I decided to work for the school district as a paraprofessional, with students with special needs. Most of these children were on the autism spectrum.  After 12 years in the school district, and with worsening health, it was time to start putting this all together.


Childhood traumatic experiences.  Adult autoimmune diseases.  A strong life’s desire to help other people experience peace after their own traumatic experiences.  A B.A. in Psychology.  Oh, did I mention I have a passion for nutrition?     


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition ® has been the next step in the process.  As a health coach, I am learning how to coach people around both primary and secondary food.  Food is amazingly important yet it is not the primary source of nutrition in our lives.   The things that feed our souls are relationships, exercise, career and spirituality.  It all fits. Through nutrition, counseling, many medical professionals and with a strong faith, my health is improving dramatically and I am uniquely poised to help others find physical ease, emotional balance and spiritual relationship through a connection to their own truth.  


I would love to chat with you, or anyone you know, who has experienced childhood trauma or the debilitating pain of migraines or other autoimmune issues.  There are holistic ways to help and I would love to help you find this balance that promotes living life with gusto!